Our Management

Under the current market is indispensable that the managers are fully informed of the “financial health” of their company. Establishing a parallel with the famous annual health checks, it's compulsory, that the company is continuously evaluated in an integral way, where the real basic financial condition is obtained, and strategies for the possible positive and negative scenarios are evaluated. If the company is solid, there is always room for the improvement, if it the company is weak, then improvement strategies are mandatory.

Among the primary flaws we have identified in the industry, is the cost of capital. We consider it mandatory for the companies to proceed with a full review of their debt

By working with us, we can review and consolidate the debts in just one package where the financial re-engineering allows for reduction of the debt and the debt services costs.

Solutions can include a commercial paper issuance, an investment in the company, a reclassification of assets, and other solutions, oriented to lower cost sources of credit.

Multiple options are evaluated and implementations are simulated to determine the best possible financial structure combination for each case.
This varied optionality allows us to contemplate a portfolio of solutions which ensures lowest possible debt costs and the satisfaction of our clients.