At Finamerica, our professionals understand not only the complexity of the financial markets but also the challenges of operating a business in need of optimal capital resources.

First, we are eminently familiar with the ranges of administrative reengineering and sources of capital and its requirements for corporate activity. We make use of this knowledge achieving a thorouh  understanding of the unique challenges and the specific opportunities of the business of each client.

We understand the requirement of the criteria for the financial success of any company, because we have been there. Our Investment professionals are not only academician theorists with diplomas hanged on the wall; we are executives with extensive experience multiple industry sectors and in projects and companies of immense importance on a global scale.

We have experience in conceiving, starting, growing, owning, managing, acquiring and selling a variety of businesses accross industry sectors. This means that we can look the complexity of the financial resources as considered by the management and shareholders. This allows us to provide specific and focused services targeting the financial need of the business, instead of pre-conceived solutions.